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Our Growers
Our Growers
At® we are constantly striving to serve our customers the best we possibly can. When their expectations are met, the best balance of trading values exists for all parties.

The classic win-win situation.

Similarily, as we source flowers direct from growers, we want to meet their expectations-dealing with them in a manner which rewards, encourages and leads to stable and lasting business relationships.

We have more than 400 growers of various farm sizes located in many parts of the world, mostly in Colombia and Ecuador. We have developed many programs for them to sell their flowers to us easily and economically in a transparent atmosphere of trust and mutual benefit.

Again the win-win situation occurs, which has propelled® to the very peak of successful fresh-cut-flower e-trading in North America.

The GrowerRating in an important element of these Grower programs.

How and why we rate our growers:
Our customers need a measure of conformity in the products they buy-in strict flower quality, order fulfillment, accurate identification of items and packaging. Growers do not always have each of these elements because of the many other markets and customers they may supply. Our GrowerRating helps bring order to the many differences and gives our customers total clarity when making buying decisions.
Every grower's products undergo considerable testing and sampling before we place orders. If these initial tests are satisfactorily met, the grower then enters a probationary period in which their flowers go to the market.
The market (our regular customer base) uses the flowers in normal every-day conditions and we determine from this whether the products are of good and merchantable quality. If they are, the data collected during the probation period is used as the basic of the rating.

Then the grower is constantly monitored and the GrowerRating is modified where applicable to reflect current levels of performance.
All of our growers are visited regularly by FlowerBuyer.comĀ®'s permanent full-time quality control staff. Detailed reports are rigorously maintained and shared with every grower on regular routine basis.
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